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Thank you so much for ordering the Angels and Ancestors Oracle deck. In these videos I share with you some amazing ways of getting the most from your Angels and Ancestors Oracle deck and introduce you to the amazingly powerful Celtic Compass spread.


Getting the Best from Your Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck

Angels and Ancestors: The Celtic Compass Spread 

Angels & Ancestors Blessing Ceremony


LIVE BLESSING CEREMONY: Join Kyle for an interactive coaching call where he’ll guide you to connecting with the Angels & Ancestors to bless and charge your deck with divine love + LIVE Q&A 

(Live Ceremony will take place at place at 6pm UK time on Sunday 7th October 2018. You will be sent an invitation by email and a recording of the event 48 hours after the live broadcast.)

You'll be emailed your invitation to the Online Presentation 48 hours before it's due to broadcast.