My Bedtime Routine

The Dalai Lama says “Sleep is the best form of meditation” and he’s not kidding. Sleeping is so important. Sleep is a sacred practice. Sleep is your opportunity to recharge.

Ever since I discovered the incredible love of angels – I have developed an amazing ability to sleep. I am famous for falling asleep on flights, when I’m travelling and I do love dropping into a nap.

I wanted to share a couple of bedtime routines that I practice because I really believe it will be helpful for YOU so that you can drop into a sleep that will recharge your body, mind and spirit.

Most people don’t deal with energy before they go to bed. They just go to bed and that’s it – but that’s not ideal. We are sensitive beings – we are exposed to so much every day, all of the energy we have been exposed to and have encountered throughout the day could still be psychically with us and so we need to clear that.

Processing your day in bed is NOT ideal. You basically take whatever you’ve went through to bed with you and that’s what’s going to mess with your ability to switch off. It’s important to process all the vibes before you go to bed, clear your energy and move into bed with a clear energy around you in a preparation for deep slumber.

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Here’s my tips for a good sleep:

1. CLEAR THE CLUTTER – Physical clutter is psychic clutter and that’s it. If there’s stuff lying all over the place and around your bed – this is basically the physical representation of your energy system. Take 15 mins to tidy up the space around your bed, hang up any clothing laying around and neatly stack the books that are near your bed.

2. FEEL WHAT YOU NEED TO FEEL – If you’ve had ‘one of those days’ then you need to process. Instead of bringing this energy into bed with you, do it somewhere else. I often sit at the side of my bed, close my eyes and allow myself to think about the day. If there’s anything I need to think about, go over or even pray about I will do it all here. Feelings are feelings – you need to feel them not avoid them.

3. CLEAR YOUR VIBES – I like to clear my energy before bed time. I actually smudge my energy using Palo Santo. I allow the sacred smoke to help cleanse away all the vibes of the day. I also often mix palo santo oil with lavender and put it on my third eye, the crown of my head and my heart so that I am surrounded by peaceful scent at bedtime.

4. CREATE SACRED SPACE – While I’m preparing for bed time I light a candle (now don’t go to bed leaving it on) and sometimes incense. I also make a 100% peppermint tea which I enjoy sitting up in bed. I often choose to read a book that interests me or makes me feel good. I avoid emotional and dramatic books at bed time.

5. INVITE ANGELS – Creating a cocoon of love around you is so important. Feeling safe at bed time is one of the most amazing feelings you can have. Here’s my night time prayer: “Thank you Angels for cutting the cords that bind me to people, places, situations, fear or any other stuff I no longer need. I choose now to take the weight of the world off of my shoulders. Thank you for standing around my bed so that I can move into a state of peaceful slumber. I am safe here. And so it is.”


What helps you to fall into a deep, peaceful sleep?
Let me know in the comments below!