Thank Your Earthly Mama!


High Vibe Thursday

Vibe of the Day: Thank Your Earthly Mama!

I had a bumper sticker on my first car. It read ‘The Earth is our mother, treat her with respect.’

We are so blessed to be on this Earth and to be experiencing this life. The Earth is a wonderful place to be. What’s going wrong on this planet hasn’t anything to do with Mother Nature - it has everything to do with us. Every day when I get onto my yoga mat I like to give thanks to the Earth and tune in to her rhythm.
When we begin to raise our vibration, we also help to raise the frequency of the planet. The more spiritually aware we become, the more conscious of the Earth we become and the more we look after the planet.
If we are littering the street or avoiding doing the recycling then we aren’t exactly coming from a place that’s heart-centered. If we are helping nature, looking after her, giving thanks for her and doing our best to keep our part of the world clean then we are also keeping it spiritually clean, and that means we can hold more space for light there.
While you are on this journey, ask yourself what you can do to help Mother Earth. Can you feed her birds? Clean the local park, beach or forest? Can you use less plastic or contribute more to your recycling? All of these steps help you become more aware of the world that surrounds you and help you clean up your inner world too.
Vibe of the Day
Today, give thanks to Mother Earth. How can you do it? I’m going to introduce you to the yoga pose I do while giving thanks. It’s suitable for all levels of fitness and I really believe it helps me become one with the great mother. It’s called Balasana or Child’s Pose (extended version). You can do it at home or even somewhere in nature that you love.
*Come onto your knees and spread them about hip-width apart (or as wide as your yoga mat if you have one), while keeping your big toes touching.
*Then lean forward and bring your forehead and hands to the ground in front of you.
*Allow your fingers to spread wide as your palms press down into the Earth.
*With every out-breath, allow your hips to sink deep down towards your heels, giving your spine a beautiful stretch.


‘Today I choose to honour the Earth because she is our mother!'

Book: Raise Your Vibration
Author: Kyle Gray

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