Turn your frown upside down


High Vibe Thursday

Vibe of the Day: Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Everything you do in this world moves out from you like a wave of energy. When you are kind, happy and harmonious, this wave extends to all those who cross your pathway. And the kindness you share is eventually going to come back to you.

People always say, ‘What comes around, goes around!’ and I know they like to drop the word ‘karma’ online, especially if someone has been challenged in their life, but that’s not the point. Karma, the law of cause and effect, is ultimately a spiritual tool to encourage us to be kind and loving.

When you are kind to others, you are literally being kind to yourself too. When you focus on what makes you happy it’s as if the doors of your heart swing open and you move into the space of love that rests gently within. When you experience this love, you welcome all those around you into this space too. So, every time you experience bliss and joy you are literally holding space for others to experience it too Your happiness is a wave of healing to the whole world.

Today you are encouraged to recognize all the simple things that make you feel happy. When you are happy, you raise your vibration to the divine and you allow others to raise their vibration too. Happiness is infectious. Think of it - when someone starts to smile, you can’t take that smile off your face wither, can you?

Today’s exercise is smiling as much as you can. Offer the gift of joy to all those you meet. Everywhere you go, look for the simple blessings that surround us all.

Today, recognize that happiness is a gift and it’s yours anytime you allow it to be.


‘My happiness sends healing to the world.’

Book: Raise Your Vibration
Author: Kyle Gray

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