It's cool to be kind, baby!


High Vibe Thursday

Vibe of the Day: It’s cool to be kind, baby!

The spiritual law of attraction is simple. It teaches that whatever we believe to be true is what we’re going to experience in the world. It’s really important to bring this ancient and sacred teaching into your awareness so that you can cultivate a mindset that is working for you, not against you.

Your inner dialogue has a lot to do with your beliefs and how you experience the world. Are the conversations in your mind mostly loving? Or are there loads of fears floating around?

It’s okay to have fears floating around, but it’s also important to know that your natural state - the greatest part of you - is love.

In honouring the natural loving state that is somewhere within you today, you are encouraged to have kind conversations with yourself. How you see and speak to yourself in the mirror has a lot to do with the beliefs that you have. So today, go to your mirror and find out what starts to happen there. Do you start criticizing what you see and who are you? How can you change your inner conversation to be more loving? How can you be kinder to yourself?

As you already know, your body is the home of your soul. It’s the temple that is holding your divine light, so why not honour that and speak to yourself in a kind way?

If you begin to chat lovingly to yourself but find that your ego self (that inner critic) puts up a fight, be kind to them too. Say, ‘Thanks for sharing, but today I choose kindness.’

When you are kind to yourself, it allows your energy to be open to kindness on all levels. You give those you love an easier time and they give you an easier time too. Your kindness to yourself is a prayer of kindness to the world. And you’’re setting an example for those around you and the generations that will follow.


‘My kindness is a prayer to and demonstration of the natural goodness that is within us all.’

Book: Raise Your Vibration
Author: Kyle Gray

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