Keep Calm and Co-Operate


High Vibe Thursday

Vibe of the Day: Keep Calm and Co-Operate

Sometimes it can be very easy to be pulled into the mindset that life is working against you, but it’s not! The universe is always working in accordance with your free will. It wants you to be happy, abundant and fulfilled. It loves you more than words can describe. Let it support you.

Today you are invited to co-operate with the universe by keeping calm. If something has gone ‘wrong’, know that the universe has a greater plan. Instead of having a meltdown or freaking out, keep calm. Remember the field of energy that surrounds you and moves through you responds to every thought, feeling and intention you have. If you feel that it’s not working with you and that there’s some sort of karma trail following you, well, that’s what you’ll experience.

So, today, choose to know that you are being supported, held and led by the presence of light that exists within you. Take several deep breaths and trust that the universe will co-operate with you when you co-operate with it. You are a team. Know it is your biggest fan, your greatest supporter and the cheerleader of your soul.


‘The universe is my soul’s greatest cheerleader.’

Book: Raise Your Vibration
Author: Kyle Gray

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