Rock Your Root Chakra!


High Vibe Thursday

Vibe of the Day: Rock Your Root Chakra!

Your root chakra, Muladhara, is one of the seven major spiritual centres in your body. It’s at the base of your spine and represents your stability, security, connection to the Earth and your loved ones, and your ability to stand strong in life. It’s known to be red - the foundational colour of focus and strength.

Our chakras are our spiritual anatomy: they govern our acceleration to the divine. When they are balanced, we experience a deeper connection to ourselves and to our inner guidance. When the root chakra is over-energized, we can become over-attached to the physical world and everything in it and overly rely on having certain comforts, people or things around us. Although it’s cool to have things that make us feel comfortable, when we get over-attached to things, or people, we lose our inner power.

The root chakra can also become depleted. This can happen very easily, especially if too many people rely on us or there is pressure in our life, and it can make us feel that there’s lack in our life, that there’s not enough for everyone and even that we aren’t safe. On a physical level, if our root chakra is depleted we can have major lower-back issues and our finances can crumble before our eyes.

It’s always good to keep track of your root chakra and up its energy when needed. Try the following visualization:

+Place your hands, right on top of left, flat on the space just below your pubic bone. Breathe into them.

+Imagine that there is a nicely sized cone of red light coming from your tailbone and swirling underneath your hands. Then say the words from the photo.

+Breathe/meditate for as long as you need.


‘I am rooted to my inner strength.’

Book: Raise Your Vibration
Author: Kyle Gray

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