How To: Create Your Own Aura Spray

In a previous blog I shared how to bring smudging ceremony into your spiritual practice. I really believe in the benefit of smudging but sometimes it’s just not practical, especially if you’re on the move.

In times when you can’t smudge, I recommend using an Aura Spray to smudge. You can pick ready-made Aura Sprays online, in new age stores and even at Wholefoods. I prefer to make my own Aura Spray because I know for definite what energy went into it and I know it’s been done for the highest good. I often make these for events and leave them at the front of the room for the audience to use.

When on the move, I whip my aura spray out in taxis, on aircrafts and everywhere in between – they are so handy to have and create. They’re basically like carrying sacred space in your bag everywhere you go.

It’s important you make a blend that both feels right for you and smells nice for you. I recommend creating one that will last a while by using organic alcohol to preserve it, however if this doesn’t work for you the spring water and essential oil blends will last about 5 days before going off.

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To create a base for your essential oils I recommend mixing 40% organic vodka or gin and 60% spring water in a jug.

Once you’ve got your base you can then drop into the mix your favourite essential oil. I often use Rose Oil but you can use anything really. My favourite right now is the Palo Santo ‘Monk Oil’ that you’ll be able to find online.

Then pour the mix into a glass spray bottle (again you can find this online or your local remedy store).

Holding the mix in your hand say a simple prayer like:

“Thank you Universe, Warrior Guides & Mother Earth for blessing this spray with your tender loving care and for programming it to cleanse, strengthen and protect all auras it kisses. And so it is.”

Then your Smudge / Aura Spray is ready to light up some auras. Whack it in your bag and bring out whenever you need to clear any weird juju from the space around you or when a friend is having a bad day.

P.S. I make 50ml bottles so I can take them on flights *winks*

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