Angels are pure, divine, spiritual beings of light whose purpose is to love and support you. They’re with you every step of the way on your life’s journey. Whether you’re looking for energetic protection, guidance on a challenging question or even a simple sign of encouragement, your angels are by your side with signs, answers and assistance – in every single moment. 

But your angels aren’t just silent spiritual companions. You can develop a relationship with these powerful beings of light by opening yourself up to your natural spiritual potential! 

If you’re ready to embark on a deep personal and spiritual journey to connect with your angels and lead a life of purpose, joy and truth, then this incredible online course is meant for you.

In nine transformative lessons, renowned angel expert Kyle Gray will show you how to: 

  • Connect with the angels through powerful meditations, prayers, affirmations and exercises  

  • Receive angelic messages and learn how to interpret them 

  •  Use a powerful array of spiritual tools, such as crystals and angel cards, to supercharge your practice  

  • Channel protection and healing from the angels 

Not only will you learn these incredible skills and open yourself to divine angelic energy, but this course will also help you share this wonderful light with other people as a Certified Angel Guide.

Certified Angel Guide is a special designation that works on two levels. First, an Angel Guide has a thriving relationship with his or her own angels; he or she can receive and interpret the angels’ messages and recognize their daily presence. Second, an Angel Guide can facilitate a sacred and safe space for others to connect with their angels, and channel healing, protection and guidance in professional sessions. 

Whether you’re a healer interested in adding this skill to your professional portfolio or simply want to enhance your own angelic connection to help your friends and family, this course will equip you with all the knowledge, techniques and tools you need to share guidance, messages and healing from the angels. 

It's time to live with purpose, on purpose, for the highest purpose… 

Your angels have guided you to this course so that you can fulfill your potential and make a difference in this world. By sharing their light with others, you’ll discover profound and exciting transformations within your own life, including enhanced well-being, improved self-worth and an extraordinary shift in your perspective. 

The angels see your personal potential and your natural goodness on a soul level. Above anything, they want you to step into your greatness, so you can lead a life of love, joy and purpose. 



 Sign up for Certified Angel Guide Training and receive the following incentives:

  • Become one of the World’s First Ever Certified Angel Guides*

  • A private coaching call (with Q&A) specifically focused on Higher Purpose

  • Upon completion you’ll be eligible to apply to be listed on my ‘Certified Angel Guide’ page**

  • You’ll be welcomed into a private Angel Tribe Certified Angel Guide’s Group


*The course opens November 21st 2018 and get certified in your own time)

** To be listed on the ‘Certified Angel Guide’ page you must have completed the Angel Card Mastery Certification through Angel Tribe and completed 1 year’s membership. This allows us to document your commitment to growth and the Angels.


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This offer expires on November 13th 2018

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