Please note that all sessions with kyle are more guidance sessions rather than readings. All sessions are conducted via Skype which you are welcome to record and take notes.

Length: 1.5 Hours
Cost: £333

These sessions will begin with an opening prayer to create sacred space and welcome your guides. Kyle will then use his intuition to scan your energy and report back on anything he feels your angels want you to know. Together you will discuss any blocks, challenges or subjects you are working on before cultivating a plan of action to move forward. These sessions present an open space where you can be supported to look at your strengths and gifts in order to heal any emotional wounds or energetic scars that could be holding you back from your purpose which is to be happy.

What you can expect within a session:

  • Complete confidence & trust
  • Truth speaking
  • Soul centred questions
  • Intuition
  • Conversation about spirit & energy