Dawn Evans

Dawn Evans - Dawn Evans Profile.jpg

Dawn is a Cosmic Soul Coach who helps women reawaken their inner goddess and reconnect to their natural intuition, to bring more love and abundance into their lives.

Having experienced depression, lack of purpose and low self-esteem, Dawn managed to turn things around after illness put her on her spiritual journey. She understands the struggles and can help you find the light.

By using the combined energies of the angels, cosmos and sacred feminine, Dawn brings a whole load of fun and positivity into her teaching. Her no-nonsense approach will make you smile.

Dawn is a qualified Happiness Coach and has been initiated as a Priestess and Witch. A gifted clairvoyant, she is able to channel messages that are easy to understand and empowers you into taking action.

Visit her website to book an Oracle Reading, Intuitive Astrology Report or to sign up to ‘The Oracle Forecast’ for free weekly messages.