Jenny Dodd

Jenny Dodd - Jenny Dodd.jpg

Jenny is an Angelic Healer, Angelic Reiki® Master Teacher, Certified Angel Card Reader and Certified Advanced Angel Practitioner. Her purpose is to give healing and healing messages from Angels.

Jenny, a former Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and School Teacher, was guided to follow her intuition, dreams, talents and passions in working with the Angels. She is dedicated towards raising awareness so that people understand that they are never alone in this life. There is always support around us; this may be from loved ones in Spirit, Angels, Guides, Helpers and Ascended Masters.

Jenny helps people to connect to this guidance. She has been communicating with the angels for many years and is very knowledgeable about their roles in helping us whilst we are on earth. Jenny has put together a service in which she works directly with the Angelic Kingdom. This involves different types of healing and readings with the Angels.