Karen Knight

Karen  Knight - kk headshot.png

Karen Knight is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Angel Guide and Reiki Master. Her philosophy is that the secret to a happy life is self-love. By accepting ourselves, we open pathways to healing and our own inner guidance system. Once we reconnect with our innate wisdom, we unite with the knowledge we need to live a fun and meaningful life.

Karen was a sensitive child who could feel energy. In 1990, she survived a near death experience, where she was sent back from the brink of death with a mission to help other people heal themselves. For twenty years, Karen built her career helping people feel safe. By identifying where her clients are blocked, she empowers them to release stuck energy and to replace it with healing frequencies. The return to self is a return to happiness. By bringing through messages from the Angels, Karen helps her clients experience a new understanding of who they are. This helps them recover their innate ability to actively participate in creating their lives.