Keri Fulmore

Keri  Fulmore - Keri Fulmore Picture.jpg

Keri Fulmore is an International Medical Intuitive, Certified Angel Guide and Functional Medicine Practitioner. Keri has been speaking with spirit and connecting to her intuition since she was a young child. She has a unique way of helping people obtain optimal physical and emotional health by blending Angel Messages, Angel Readings, holistic medicine and science.

Keri has helped clients all over the world connect to their intuition, as well as guide them with Angel Messages, to lead a more joyful life.

Keri has a very close relationship with her own Angels, who helped her to harness the power of her intuition and heal her body from Chronic body wide pain. It brings Keri great joy, to help others hear the messages their Angels have for them. The Angels have so much love for us, and their messages hold invaluable insight to our greatest joy.