Lori Hooper

Lori Hooper - LoriHooper-webphoto.jpg

Lori Hooper is a Reiki Master, Certified Angel Guide, Certified Clutter Coach, Red Lotus practitioner and Certified Ho’oponopono practitioner. Her work supports people activating the light in their emotional, energetic, and physical spaces.

Lori’s work supports a deeper inner examination of the mind, body and spirit, and an outer reflection of one’s physical environment. When these two elements are in alignment, we experience the ultimate balance in health and in mind. By healing ourselves, we contribute to the healing of the world.

Lori’s work helps her clients streamline to the essentials - where the focus is on the elements that bring the most joy, and the rest is released with gratitude. Her clients experience this work while held in a safe space, supported by their angels, where they are reminded of the light they carry within.