Pasquale Lanera

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An Intuitive Guide, Coach, and Astrologer, Pasquale Lanera combines his connection with spirit and energy, along with his angel cards, to guide and inspire his clients to step into their full light and live their best life.

Pasquale’s spiritual journey began at the age of 7, when he began to see and hear spirit. Recognizing this was a connection with angels, Pasquale learned to overcome his fear and strengthen his bond with what he calls his “Spiritual Choir”.

Continuing his spiritual awakening, Pasquale learned how to read angel cards, allowing his angels to provide additional guidance. Pasquale quickly became the family oracle.

As a compassionate, friendly person, Pasquale will hold a sacred space for his clients. Bringing through loving and inspiring guidance, he’ll provide purpose, clarity, and light for a happy, empowered life.

Pasquale is a Certified Angel Guide, Psychic, Reiki, and Master Color Coach.