Sonali Bharania

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Sonali Bharania is a Certified Angel Healer, Crystal Reiki Master and Educator based in Rickmansworth. As an Indigo Child, Sonali was born with empathy, a keen intuition and a natural ability to heal. Her journey began with her parents, continued through her own healing, and now extends to her clients.

On Boxing Day 2004, Sonali lived when she should have died. Alone while on holiday with her parents, her life changed in an instant when she became trapped in her hotel room during a tsunami. As the area around her flooded rapidly with water, Sonali’s quick survival instants saw her seek safety in an outdoor shower. But, it was two men who worked for the hotel who ultimately saved her life. However, only one of the men could be identified – the other was deemed an angel.

In 2017, after working for a patronising boss and becoming bedridden with anxiety and depression, Sonali’s life was transformed again – this time by healing. As a result of her own journey, she launched Enigma Healing in 2018.

Now, Sonali works with clients to recharge emotions, transform lives, and make spirituality accessible through in-person and distance sessions. She cannot wait for you to experience hope once again.