Ulrich Kirchdorfer

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Ulrich combines his connection with spirit and energy, along with many techniques that he has learned in his "diamethics"-training to guide people to step into their full light and to realize and live their true potential.

His journey with angels began when he still was a child. Over the years, his intuition grew larger and more techniques were added to facilitate communication. First for himself, later for others.

Because of his own life story, health and spirituality have been with him for most of his life. Especially in the fields of energy and nutrition, he has been able to gain personal experience for years. For him, the balance of body, mind and soul is very important.

Now he wants to share this knowledge with others, he wants to help people with his experience and inspire them. Ulrich creates a safe space where his clients are able to receive healing and divine guidance whether working with adults or children.

Since 2017, he has been a member of Kyle Gray‘s Angel Tribe, where he has deepened in Angel Card Mastery and studies the work as an Intuitive Professional.

Ulrich is a Certified Angel Guide, Energetic Practitioner, Nutrition Coach, Children Health Coach and Elementary Teacher.