One thing that’s keep me spiritually centered and focused is remembering that everyone is equal. I believe that we all came from the same source and we’ll all return to the same source and for that reason we are very much alike. Knowing I am a student of life and always learning has gave me such a feeling of excitement and grace.

I believe angels are our spiritual cousins. They came from source too and when we recognise that they are our soul family we change our connection with them. Knowing that the angels reflect our true essence (love) back to us makes it so refreshing to connect with them everyday.

I believe we know our angels – I’ve dedicated my life to helping others remember.


Right now there are angels gathering around you. They adore you and they want nothing more than for you to feel loved and supported. I’ve gathered together my thoughts, prayers and ideas about angels in one place so you can connect with them.


Looking for a spiritual coach? I decided to stop offering intuitive readings and more began to help people find the answers themselves and connect with their angels through my soul sessions & coaching. I also work with corporate teams to bring soul into their work space.


I’m the author of 5 spiritual books centred around angels, energy and forgiveness. I’ve also created a meditation program and Angel Prayers Oracle deck. My prayer is that my writing and techniques can help enrich your spiritual practice or help you create one if you want to take the next step.

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Everything from the things I love, the food I eat, the thoughts I think, the angels I pray to and the things I dream – it’s all on the blog. Check it out.


Kyle Gray has had spiritual encounters from an early age. When he was just four years old, his grandmother’s soul visited him from the other side. Growing up, Kyle always had an ability to hear, feel and see what goes beyond the natural senses, which eventually led to him discovering the power and love of angels in his teens.

Since then through a deep spiritual practice – Kyle, has delved into many facets of spirituality including meditation and sacred ceremony. After studying a 200 hour diploma in Ashtanga Yoga he ventured on retreat to study and practice. Today dedicates a large part of his life to continuing his spiritual connection and knowing the voice of spirit at a deeper level.

Now, at just 28, Kyle is one of the most hip and sought-after experts in his field. With his unique ability to stay grounded and keep it real, he reintroduces the idea of angels and spirituality in a modern and accessible way. He believes that he can bring ancient spiritual knowledge across in a modern way to help the reader of today.

Kyle speaks all around the world. His talks in the UK and Europe have been known to sell out. He is based in Glasgow where he runs his boutique Yoga & Meditation studio The Zen Den.