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“Every space that seems empty there stands an angel smiling in your direction with love in their heart.”



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  • 10943795_10204933372149538_3664535665755067911_o
    23 Feb

    The intention that shifted my entire spiritual practice

    I’ve always been interested in all aspects of spirituality. In high school I was deeply interested in Hinduism and Buddhism – these two paths have had...
  • 10922120_361344214037517_1776688566_n
    09 Feb

    The Greatest gift I gave myself – time.

    1 Comment
    I’m not going to lie – winter took it’s toll on me. The cold, wet and dark mornings made me feel rubbish. Waking up and it’s...
  • Earth Angel card size
    26 Oct

    Why I’m vegetarian

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    Why I’m vegetarian There’s one area in life that I’m extremely passionate about and that is animals. Ever since I was a child I’ve had this...



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