Alexia Rock

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Alexia is a dedicated Certified Angel Guide, Reiki Master Teacher, Reiki Drum Therapy practitioner, Rahanni Celestial Healing practitioner, Crystal Therapy Practitioner, Akashic Records consultant and spiritual medium.

Through her Insight & Guidance sessions Alexia will work with you to heal your body and soul combining angelic connection, spirit connection, angel and oracle card readings, meditation and other healing techniques to support you, lift you up and empower you.

Clients recommend Alexia for her compassionate and non-judgmental approach and her incredible ability to see right to the heart of a matter, giving guidance and support to bring healing, empowerment and happiness. Alexia is dedicated to helping you rediscover the inspiration within yourself to be whoever you want to be and do whatever you desire to do.

Distance isn’t a problem. Alexia can link in with your energy wherever you are.