Steven Farrance

Steven Farrance Bio Picture.jpg

I have been blessed with a gift and I now would like to offer help, support, guidance and healing.

I started my Psychic Meduimship journey almost five years ago and with the help of my Angels, Guides and the Universe; I am available for Psychic Meduimship readings, Soul Sessions, Reiki and Angelic Reiki.

I have studied many parts of Spirituality including Psychics, Mediuimship, the Angels, Ascended Masters, Dragons, Unicorns, Fairies, Shamanism, Spiritual Witchcraft, Card Mastery, Lightworkers, Akashic Records, Healing, Energy Balancing and Ascension. I’m a student in A Course In Miracles and Way Of The Rose and have been trained by Kyle Gray through his Angel courses and have been certified as an Angel Guide.

I am here to help, support, guide and provide messages from Spirit and help the healing process of the world.