Karin Bruère

Karin Bruère - BIO_edited.jpg

Karin’s journey with the Angels began in the early 90s when she was introduced to their world by a book she discovered in her mother‘s library. The idea of communicating with them immediately fascinated her. A deeper introduction to the Angelic realm happened during her Reiki initiations some years later.

From that time, she experienced a strong connection to the Archangels and kept ongoing conversations with them. When she started working as an Animal Communicator and Energetic Practitioner for animals and humans, she integrated the Angels into her treatments.

Since 2017, Karin has been a member of Kyle Gray‘s Angel Tribe, where she studies Angel Card Mastery and the work as an Intuitive Professional. She loves combining Angels with Shamanic practices, offering healing drumming sessions and aura cleansing. With her loving, sensitive and open way, Karin provides a safe and intimate space for her clients.