Rachael Pettitt

Rachael Pettitt - Rachael Pettitt Headshot.JPG

Rachael Pettitt is an Angelic Reiki Healer & Angel Intuitive with a beautiful connection to the divine.  Her natural sensitivity, compassion and ability to understand people at a soul level allows her to hold a safe and sacred space for people to grow, heal and transform. 

Rachael is passionate about connecting people with the loving guidance of their angels, helping them to overcome any self-limiting beliefs, and to recognise and embrace their natural strengths and gifts. She offers in-depth Healing & Soul Guidance sessions that connect insightful divine guidance with practical earthly tools & techniques, designed to empower & uplift. 

Rachael’s forte is helping other sensitive and intuitive beings embrace their natural sensitivity, and strengthen their own connection to the angels. Rachael is qualified as a Certified Angel Guide, Angelic Reiki Master-Teacher, Crystal Therapist and Animal Healer. 

To book a session with Rachael, visit her website: www.lunabelreiki.co.uk