Sandris Portner

Sandra Portner - SandrisPortnerPicture.JPG

Sandris Portner is a Certified Angel Guide, Angel Intuitive, and Reiki Master-Teacher. As a sensitive child, she had a deep understanding of her intuitive abilities, and witnessed the healing work she does today in a long-ago dream. It wasn’t until she embarked on her own healing journey that she chose to formally train in healing modalities, and share these gifts with everyone she meets.

Sandris creates a safe space where her clients are able to receive healing and divine guidance. Her work blends the traditional practices of Reiki, alongside personalized Angel channeling to bring forth the alignment, and the messages that her clients most need. Working with Sandris is a journey of self-discovery, healing, discernment and love, and is performed by donation to one of her favourite charities.