Wibke-Martina Schultz

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I´m Wibke (German Viking). I am a Heilpraktiker, CAM practitioner, Author, Coach, and Facereader. My wish for my patients is to find healing, awareness and that each of them can live their own individual potential.

My life story starts as an identical twin born into a family who lives by higher connection and rituals. We started talking medial, dreaming together; all this helped us early to complete our picture of our life path. Our way is not free from U turns even when the diagnosis Cancer hit me twice. I knew my path was right and I was never afraid - so I know how it could feel being stuck in situations.

We opened our own practice in 2006 (age 29). Started teaching in CAM practitioner colleges, in Hawaii, UK when I was 27 till today.

Sessions are held in German and English. Skype is possible! Can’t wait to hear from you.